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The Alu-Rex system is world-renowned for its effectiveness in the worst weather conditions. Alu-Rex products are particularly well-suited to our autumn and winter conditions in Quebec, protecting your property. Let our experts install Alu-Rex gutter guards on your home.

Product informations

No more clogs in the gutter! Whether it’s leaves, debris or even snow and ice, nothing gets into the gutter. Ensure optimal operation at all times and protect your property with the installation of an Alu-Rex eavestrough cover.

Why use it?

40-year manufacturer's anti-obstruction warranty

Comes with our 10-year installation warranty


Keeps debris out of eavestroughs to prevent roof infiltration

Robust. Securely screwed to the eavestrough, the eavestrough cover withstands the weight of snow and ice.

Solidifies the gutter and eliminates freeze-thaw expansion damage


Model M-5100

Model M-5300

Model M-53ZIP


Product informations

A small additional investment can considerably extend the life of your gutters. Alu-Rex puts its T-Rex system at your disposal. Unlike installations with nails or hooks, which leave your eavestroughs more vulnerable, T-Rex continuous eavestroughs are extremely strong, completely closed and seamless.

Why use it?

Lifetime manufacturer's warranty

The most robust system on the market

Comes with our 10-year installation warranty


With the T-Rex continuous fication system, strength is uniform along the entire length of the gutter.

Ideal for protecting your eavestroughs from harsh Quebec winters. Protects against freeze-thaw expansion

Protects against debris clogging gutters and causing water to overflow onto roofs and foundations


Model M-5200

DoublePro gutters

Product informations

The latest gutter support and filtration technology is called DoublePro®. The unique action of its two brilliantly perforated layers of industrial-grade aluminum prevents debris from clogging the gutter while allowing rainwater to circulate. We warmly recommend all our customers to consider the qualities of this revolutionary Alu-Rex product before making a decision.

Why use it?

Lifetime manufacturer's warranty on anti-obstruction qualities, materials and strength

The strongest system on the market, and the only eavestrough guard with an anti-obstruction warranty for pine tree areas

Come with our guarantee


Holds back fine debris clogging gutters and creating water overflows to roofs and foundations

Securely attaches eavestroughs to your home, providing uniform strength along the entire length of the eavestrough

Protects against the expansion effect of freezing and thawing ice and snow inside the gutter


Model D-11500

Information on other products

Gutter guards such as Gutter Topper, Leafless, Alu-Rex or Needle Guard protect your eavestroughs from breakage and ensure their full performance.


Leaf Less

Needle Guard

Gutter Topper

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