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The GUTTER TOPPER gutter guard system prevents the accumulation of leaves and debris, and is aesthetically pleasing, safe and durable. It’s light enough to be used on existing gutters and strong enough to stand up to wind, snow and ice.

Product informations

With its patented design, the GUTTER TOPPER is the most efficient system on the market.

Why use it?

Tested and certified

Lifetime warranty for as long as you own your home

Comes with a 10-year warranty on installation by our team


Withstands winds of up to 110 mph, equivalent to a Category 2 hurricane

Can handle rainfall up to 22 in/hr or 528 in/d

Withstands weights of up to 545 kg/ft2, ideal for winter conditions and snow accumulation

The design matches the roofline and is available in 50 colors


Gutter Topper

Information on other products

Gutter guards such as Gutter Topper, Leafless, Alu-Rex or Needle Guard protect your eavestroughs from breakage and ensure their full performance.


Leaf Less

Needle Guard

Gutter Topper

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